Zohra Institute of Eductaional Development (ZIED)

Zohra Institute of Educational Development (ZIED)
Email: fgtames.dte@gmail.com
Institution Type: Training and Human Resource Development
Total Trainings Held: 967
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ZIED Trainings Summary
12th century level training seminar stress management skills
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Student Council Election at ZIED
Course on SNC at ZIED
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10th level Century training development of competitive professsional growth
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Capacity Building Training at ZIED
10th level training 26 to 30 Sep
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Hybrid Training at ZIED
Capacity Building Training for SSTs at ZIED
7th Century level SEED Training at ZIED

Trainings held at ZIED in 2024

#Training TitleAction
1Progressive Pathway for Coordinators (PPC)Click Here
2Emerging Trends in Edn for YouthClick Here
3Workshop on Elements Learning by NUST TeamClick Here
4Svc Norms, Conduct & Personality DevClick Here
5Leadership and Management Skills (LMS)Click Here
6Orientation Session on Inclusive EducationClick Here
7SEED training for newly inducted teaching facultyClick Here
8Orientation Session on Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Exploring Freelancing Oppertunities through ChatGPTClick Here
9Training on Scheme of WorkClick Here

Trainings held at ZIED in 2023

#Training TitleAction
1Course on Basic Computer SkillsClick Here
2Cource on Writing Professional PERsClick Here
3Essential of School Management and AdministrationClick Here
4Session on Reading SkillsClick Here
5Course on Inclusive EducationClick Here
6Course on Scheme of Studies Class Pre-I to VIIIClick Here
7Artificial Intelligence and its applications in EducationClick Here
8Project Based LearningClick Here
9Development of Competencies and Fostering GrowthClick Here
10Workshop on Development of Competencies & FosteringClick Here
11The Contact Session for Teaching FacultyClick Here
12Training for Capacity Building of TeachersClick Here

To view Central level Educational Activities held at ZIED (2023-24) Click here