Fazaia Region


Fazaia Regional Office, the youngest region of the FGEI System, was established in 2007 at Peshawar. A chain of 13 FG Fazaia Schools was developed with a view of facilitating the low paid employees of Pakistan Air Force (PAF). 5859 students are enrolled who are tutored by 401 faculty members. FG Fazaia schools are located all over the country at PAF Bases of Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Kalabagh (Abbottabad), Mianwali, Sargodha, Shorkot, Sakesar (Khushab), and Karachi. FG Fazaia Secondary School E-9, Islamabad is the only institution of the FGEI system located in the Capital Territory. Most of the Fazaia schools are operative in the evening shift, utilizing buildings of the PAF Schools and Colleges. Only three schools (Badaber, Kalabagh, and Sakesar) function as morning shift schools and have their own buildings. FG Fazaia School Sakesar was upgraded to Higher Secondary level in 2010. Another distinctive feature of the Fazaia Region is that it teaches Oxford University Press Textbooks in its institutions, unlike other FG schools. The Chief of Air Staff has initiated the “Shaheen Foundation Scholarship Scheme” for FG Fazaia students to assist the low-paid employees of PAF.

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