Federal Government Educational Institutions

Examinations (2024-25)

‘Examinations’ might be a despicable word for the students but their importance cannot be negated in Academics. Being not only a test of knowledge, learning and skills; but also a means of instilling discipline, time and stress management, boosting self-confidence, nurturing healthy competition, providing self-analysis and awarding a sense of achievement, makes examinations all the more necessary. Entitling the importance of Examinations, FGEIs follow a forecasted schedule of both traditional and online testing; including Mid Term Exam, Term Exam(Sendups) Final Term Exam.

Sr Particulars Remarks
1 Conduct of Exams
  • Cl V & Cl VIII (Scholarship) : March
  • Cl Pre I-IV & Cl VI-VII : March
  • Bd Exams
    • 9 & 10 - April - May
    • 11 & 12 - May - June
    • On alternative days
    • Note:- Inivigilation staff and exam centers are engaged separately at school / college level.
2 Summer Vacations
  • Cl I-VIII : June - July
3 Vaccination of Teachers/Staff incl Invigilators
  • National lvl SOPs of vaccination isssued by NCOC be fol. However, pri be given to teaching/ invigilation staff.