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Admission Policy

The admissions in FGEIs are finalized by the approval of the Heads of the institutions in accordance with the policies issued by FGEI (C/G) Directorate from time to time. However, a committee of officers constituted by Chairman Regional / Sub Regional / Station Board with GSO-1 Regional Office as a member cum secretary ensures the admission of wards of armed forces personnel as per SOP(s). Stations where GSO-1 (FGEIs) is not located, Sub Regional / Station Boards monitors the admissions and allied management of the institutions in coordination with Director / GSO-I (FGEIs) to ensure that there is no unnecessary overcrowding in classes. However, overall responsibility of admission rests with the Head/ DDO of the institution concerned.

General rules.
  • No admission forms will be issued/ received after the expiry of stipulated date.
  • Incomplete admission forms will not be considered
  • Admission forms containing incorrect or false information will be rejected.
  • After admission change of shift is not allowed.
  • In case a candidate wishes to apply for more than one group – Pre-Med, Pre-Engg, Gen Science and Arts etc, he/ she will have to submit separate forms for each group within stipulated period
  • Migration from local colleges/ School will not be permitted.
  • Migration: On posting, children of serving Armed Forces Personnel, civilians paid out of Defence estimates and FGEI employees be granted admission through the system of migration.
  • The children of serving personnel being shifted from a region where no FGEIs exist, will be given admission through suitability test.

1.         Fresh admission will only be made during a prescribed period specified each year as laid down in the Education Code. Admission will be made only in class-1, & class XI for which the distribution/ allocation of seats would be as under :-

a.         Open Cantt
  • (1) Open merit (open to all categories of cantonment residents) - 45 %
  • (2) Children of serving Armed Forces personnel - 35 %
  • (3) Children of retired Armed Forces personnel - 10 %
  • (4) Children of civilians paid out of Defence. Estimates - 10 %
b.         Closed Cantt
  • (1) Children of serving Armed Forces personnel - 65 %
  • (2) Children of retired Armed Forces personnel - 10 %
  • (3) Children of civilians paid out of defence estimates - 10 %
  • (4) Open merit (open to all categories of Cantt residents) - 15 %
c.         Children of FGEIs (C/ G) Employees
  • Children of FGEI employees will be treated at par with the children of Armed Forces personnel and be given admission in schools/ colleges over and above the allocated quota.