Academic Calendar

An academic calendar keeps the students, faculty and staff members reminded of the key dates throughout the academic semester and year. It can also be useful for prospective students, alumni and parents as well.

  • 1st Bimonthly -> last week of May till 1st week of June
  • Summer Vacations -> 2nd week of June till mid of August
  • 1st Term Test -> 20th August till 5th September
  • PTM -> 12th September
  • 2nd Term starts -> 7th September
  • 2nd Bimonthly -> last week of November till 1st week of December
  • PTM of 2nd Bimonthly -> before Winter Vacations
  • Winter Vacations -> last week of December
  • 2nd Term Exams -> mid of February till 2nd week of March
  • PTM of Final -> last week of March
  • Dates may vary