Director General's Message

It is a proud privilege and a matter of elation for me to be the Director General of Federal Government Educational Institutions. Federal Government Educational Institutions, as an education network, have carved a unique niche in the education system of the country. These Institutions are national asset, which are imparting free of cost quality education to hundreds of thousands of students. FGEI Directorate manages 311 schools and 44 colleges spread all over the country. The Directorate has approximately 13,000 employees and over 200,000 students. FGEIs, with highly educated, trained and motivated work force are the best among the public sector educational systems of the country. Education is the corner stone for the development and progress of a country and our institutions are contributing towards it by imparting quality education to a large segment of the society.

FGEIs have created such an academic as well as co-curricular milieu which is conducive to learning, training and polishing of young minds. Our objective is to prepare a generation which could lead this country towards progress and prosperity, thereby positively contribute to the amelioration, betterment of the society and country. This mission is always kept at fore in the FGEIs organization. Each individual in our ranks and files is important and is committed to the realization of the goal of obliterating and eradicating the menace of ignorance and illiteracy from our society.

I strongly believe that if given the right tools, students can take charge of their own development. We should not just provide the opportunities to students for achieving good academic results but actively promote the benefits of a wider curriculum. After all, educational institutions should be seen as a transformative experience through which students can prepare themselves to succeed in varied roles; they will undertake in future life.

I invoke and pray to Allah Almighty to grants us guidance, strength, and tenacity of purpose to carry on the sacred mission of spreading the light of knowledge and contribute positively to the individual and collective betterment of the society and country.

Major General Muhammad Asghar, HI (M)

Director General

Federal Government Educational Institutions (Cantts/Garrisons)